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Care for Children

Lacking of drinking water for human consumption or for agriculture and species preservation is one of the hardest our planet has faced. It is believed that this essential resource has been missing from 40% of the world population. Lack of clean drinkable water has been the cause of many chronicle illnesses and even losses of human lives.

Km4You team has already offered for two villages in Bodh-Gaya-Bihar, India two wells, one per year of our existence.

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Arado Azul and Km4You are tradmarks of Samuel & Susana, Lda.

Cruz Azul de Portugal

About 25% of all road fatalities in Europe are alcohol related whereas about only 1% of all kilometres driven in Europe are driven by drivers with 0.5 g/l alcohol in their blood or more. As the Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) in the driver increases, the crash rate also rises. The increase in crash rate that goes with increasing BAC is progressive. Compared to a sober driver the crash rate of a driver with a BAC of 0.8 g/l (still the legal limit in 3 of 25 EU-member states) is 2.7 times that of sober drivers. When a driver has a BAC of 1.5 g/l his crash rate is 22 times that of a sober driver. Not only the crash rate grows rapidly with increasing BAC, the crash also becomes more severe. With a BAC of 1.5 g/l the crash rate for fatal crashes is about 200 times that of sober drivers.

Alcohol on the roads is just one of the problems that this abuse and chronic disease causes. We have chosen also Cruz Azul de Portugal to support, helping to build a fantastic place for families in recovery. Some collaborators are voluntaries in this organization.

Source: https://ec.europa.eu/transport/road_safety/specialist/knowledge/alcohol_en

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