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Children Transportation

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We understand the requirements and concerns of families when they have to trust their loved children to others.

We have a deep commitment to ensuring that each pupil arrives safely at their destination. Our understanding and sensitivity to the complexities of transporting children and students are validating by the quality of our drivers, their training, and credentials.

Children make your life important.
Erma Bombeck
To ensure every child receives safe, reliable transportation, Km4You:
  • Conducts frequent background checks and performance reviews on every driver;
  • Provides specialized, program-specific driver training;
  • Seek to assigns the same drivers to the same pupils, every day to ensure consistency;
  • Al the drivers have legal qualifications given by IMTT for this important and responsible job.
I invite you to try our service and I personally guarantee
you will have a fully satisfied experience.
Susana Dias - Partner Manager